Is this a new Land Rover Defender? No, it’s a ‘Little D’ Jimny!

Published on 2018-11-20

A Japanese tuning company – DAMD – are offering a body kit which turns the new Suzuki Jimny in to a downsized take on the Land Rover Defender.






We’ve been waiting for the new Land Rover Defender to arrive since long before the last Land Rover Defender rolled out of JLR in 2016, and it’s still probably a year away.


But although you can’t buy a new Defender any more, you can take the little Suzuki Jimny, with all its undoubted off-road chops, and turn it in to something which looks like a Defender after a boil wash.


Japanese tuning company DAMD has revealed a body kit for the new Jimny which turns it in to a passable (if rather small) take on the Defender and, to our eyes, actually improves the looks. Not something you can say about many after-market body kits.


The ‘Little-D’ body kit adds Defender-look lights at the front, a grille which has more than a passing resemblance to the Defender’s, a big front bumper with skid plate, a spare wheel on the back, a back bumper which turns the rear in to a passable impression of the Defender, mud flaps and some mud-plugging rubber.


But if the Jimny Defender doesn’t float your boat, you could opt for a Jimny G-Wagen (below), which does an equally passable imitation of a toy G-wagen.

No prices yet for the Defender and G Wagen lookalike Jimnys from DAMD, but they will be available in the New Year.






Source: CarsUK