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A range of Success
The Overzone can trace its ancestry through a pedigree range of tents. As an evolution of the successful Overland, it’s the largest roof top tent model in the “fold over” range. Compared to the Overland, there’s more internal space with total protection from the elements, including the main entrance doorway. The Overzone meets the most demanding requirements of the adventure traveller offering total privacy and freedom.

At the heart of the Overzone is a strong, lightweight aluminium frame, encased in breathable, water-proof 420g heavy duty cotton fabric in keeping with the world renowned Autohome tradition, whilst creating a new era of user friendly features.

The striking appearance is due to a well-proportioned, streamlined design, making the roof tent Overzone a perfect solution for people wanting to explore imposing landscapes,


Fabric: roof and sides are made of a heavy duty single-skin 420 g/m2, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fabric, which is waterproof, breathable, rot-proof.
Yarn: a widely used, high-tech yarn, made of two different fibres:  pure cotton outside, a synthetic core inside. The AMANN®
Trademark belongs to an international prestigious company manufacturing high quality yarns.  
Platform Boards: in layers consisting of a strong and elastic wood fibre having a 12 mm thickness; CHPL Silver Quartz veneering (0.3 mm). Waterproof and water-repellent layers that do not absorb humidity, they also neither warp nor rot.
Metal components: combination of steel and aluminium to obtain a remarkably strong lightweight tent. Ladder: aluminium ladder with extension up to 2.30 metres.
Mattress: made of foam rubber, density: 25 kg/m³, indeformable. 
Mattress cover and pillows: 100 % cotton fabric matching the relevant models.


4 universal clamps to fixing onto roof-bars, two triangular windows with mosquito nets, two large doors with mosquito netting, one mattress and 2/3 pillows, 2 internal pockets, 2 adjustable stakes for unfolding additional outdoor area awning, 2 stakes to hold up back door and create awning, 1 PVC travel cover, the roof stakes are equipped with condensate proof covering, 2 windproof tightening ropes included in the tent’s structure, multi-purpose hooks, the tent is pre-arranged for possible supplementary changing-room, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder.
Standard: all models are configured for side (standard) opening.
Optional: Explorer opening for opening over rear (or front) of vehicles.

Overzone Medium
Closed cm 160 x 110 x h 30
Open cm 160 x 220 + 70* x h 125
Weight: about 57 Kg


Extending the in built ladder enables it to be used as a lever to open the tent. The entrance area is then held open with two extending poles.