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Tradition meets innovation
Overcamp represents the latest concept for todays camping needs. Great attention to detail, the attractive colours and design, the reassuring tough fabric which is waterproof and smooth to the touch, strong outer structure are just some of the outstanding and eye catching features of Overcamp.

Overcamp offers additional storage capacity on roof rack, allowing you to carry your sporting equipment easily: your bicycle, canoe, surfboard, hand glider or other accessories for your favourite sport. Another feature is the unique Double-up system which allows you to obtain twice the normal living space by fitting two tents on one roof.

You can carry two Overcamp even on the smallest of cars and obtain four places (2+2) or eight places on large vehicles (4+4) providing two totally independent bedrooms. Roof tent Overcamp is the unrivalled choice for adventure going people.

Overcamp Medium  
Closed cm 90 x 200 x h 30
Open cm 90 x 200 x h 100
Weight: about 54 Kg


Fabric: roof and sides are made of a heavy duty single-skin 420 g/m2, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fabric, which is waterproof, breathable, rot-proof.
Yarn: a widely used, high-tech yarn, made of two different fibres: pure cotton outside, a synthetic core inside. The AMANN® Trademark belongs to an international prestigious company manufacturing high quality yarns.
Platform Boards: in layers consisting of a strong and elastic wood fibre having a 12 mm thickness; CHPL Silver Quartz veneering (0.3 mm). Waterproof and water-repellent layers that do not absorb humidity, they also neither warp nor rot.
Metal components: combination of steel and aluminium to obtain a remarkably strong lightweight tent.
Ladder: aluminium ladder with extension up to 2.30 metres.
Mattress: made of foam rubber, density: 25 kg/m³, indeformable. 
Mattress cover and pillows: 100 % cotton fabric matching the relevant models.


4 universal clamps for attachment to roof bars, 2 windows and 2 large doors all with mosquito-netting, 1 mattress and 2-4 pillows, 2 awning support poles, (hold open doors to create awning) 1 PVC travel cover, 1 height adjustable steel ladder

Overhanging positioning: the tent occupies one half of the vehicles roof

The 2 "C" shaped mounting channels in the tent base and 4 clamps, supplied, allow the user to position the tent on the vehicle roof according to their needs and requirements. The exclusive hinge mechanism allows a safe and secure overhang to one half of the tent, allowing bikes, surf boards or other sports and leisure equipment to remain in place on the other half of the vehicle's roof bars, always ready for use.