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Air-Camping is ‘the’ fabric roof tent. Originally patented in 1959, and since 1961 has held an International Brand Patent.Sometimes it happens that a company brand is so well-known that the name refers to an entire product category (the vacuum cleaner for example).

For a few years the name Air-Camping has been wrongly used to refer to the fabric tent, of any style, type or origin. In reality the Air-Camping fabric tent is just the one manufactured by Autohome and still made according to the original design and manufacturing processes. A design must manufactured in Italy as defined by a high executive of the purchasing department of a famous car manufacturing company. Roof top tent Air-Camping is a unique branded product: fitted with wind-proof windows (for silent nights) easily opened from inside the tent, a mid grey fabric roof with dark blue side panels and yellow mosquito netting protection. Exactly the same colours requested by Nino Cirani, and used for 30 years on his famous vehicle based raids and expeditions.

Buying an Air-Camping tent, you get a guaranteed quality based on over 50 years experience and use in deserts, jungles and ice caps, where the product has performed faultlessly.

No marketing strategy required, just proof of a long-lived pedigree of surviving in the field.
Air-Camping: to live a magical adventure to the full.


Fabric: roof and sides are made of a heavy duty single-skin 420 g/m2, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fabric, which is waterproof, breathable, rot-proof. 
Yarn: a widely used, high-tech yarn, made of two different fibres: pure cotton outside, a synthetic core inside. The AMANN® Trademark belongs to an international prestigious company manufacturing high quality yarns. Platform Boards: in layers consisting of a strong and elastic wood fibre having a 12 mm thickness; CHPL Silver Quartz veneering (0.3 mm). Such waterproof and water-repellent layers do not absorb humidity, they also neither warp nor rot. 
Metal components: combination of steel and aluminium to obtain a remarkably strong lightweight tent.
Ladder: aluminium ladder with extension up to 2.30 metres.
Mattress: made of foam rubber, density: 25 kg/m³, indeformable.
Mattress cover and pillows: 100 % cotton fabric matching the relevant models.


4 Universal clamps for attachment to roof bars, 2 windows and 2 large doors all with mosquito-netting, 1 mattress and 2-3-4 pillows, 4 awning support poles (hold open doors to create awnings) 1 PVC travel cover, anti-condensation covering on the roof awning support poles, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder, elastic straps assist in folding the fabric when closing. 
Standard: all models are configured for side (standard) opening.
Optional: Explorer opening (Small and Medium models only) for opening over rear (or front) of vehicles.

Air-Camping Small 130 x 220
Closed cm 130 x 110 x h 30
Open cm 130 x 220 x h 125
Weight: about 48 Kg


Video Air-Camping Tech-TV


The automatic pop-up, swivel opening is the main reason for the Air-Campings’ success: since 1959, it has remained unchanged, faithful to its original design and well known simplicity. Once you have removed the cover, the tent opens in three seconds, simply by pulling down and lowering the ladder. Nothing further is required!

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