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Vortex LED Headlight Defender

Equipped with a Halo LED Ring, the Vortex LED Headlight also comes packed with an extremely powerful high-beam, and a wide spread low beam. With such diversity in beam pattern, you can rest assured that you’ll have to right lighting for the right scenario at any given time.

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The Transporter Series utilizes high powered 5 watt LEDs to provide intense light output for commercial applications.


The Transporter Series is ideal for Trucking and Transport applications because the long 50,000 hour lifespan takes away unscheduled lighting of changing bulbs.


With LED there is no voltage spike at startup, which reduces wear on associated components.

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Duralux 4 LED Work Light

  • Reduced Power Draw Reduces Wear on Associated Parts
  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Reduced Power Draw Can Lead to Fuel Savings
  • Low Power Consumption au just 1.6A(12)
  • More light Than a 100W Halogen
  • DURAE-440 Available with E-Mark Approval
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The new LED camp lights from National Luna have been designed with high efficiency and superior light output as priorities. Each model of light features high-quality LED components protected by built-in constant power regulator circuits and supported by a high-strength and effective enclosure.

The range begins with an economic 9-LED light and grows to an impressive high-power 27-LED light.

All models in the range offer a dual-power feature which can be used to switch from an ultra-low power ambient light to a full-power, wide-angle camp light.

All models also feature a wide operating voltage, reverse battery protection and short-circuit protection.

Typical applications include: caravans, trailers, 4x4 vehicles, trucks, buses, boats, solar installations, bush lodges, low-voltage interior lighting, emergency lighting and other 12-volt or 24-volt applications that require lighting.

Clip-on, yellow and red options also available.

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