Yes we have it! The New Defender roof rack from Eezi-Awn.

Published on 2020-08-13

K9 Roof Racks – A revolutionary cutting edge advancement in expedition style rack design. The K9 design is engineered and manufactured at the Eezi-Awn facility. With over 36 years of experience in the expedition market across the globe, Eezi-Awn knows what is necessary in a rack and what will take it to the next level.





The K9 Roof Rack system is thinner, stronger, more functional, aero dynamic and made to last.

The K9 Rack systems are the only racks that we know of in the world to have traversed Seven continents consecutively with Expedition 7.

They are the rack of choice with Clay, Jeff and the team from Expedition Overland that have been on numerous expeditions carrying all their gear over treacherous terrain and still in use today.

Andre DeVilliers former engineer, 4×4 Expert, Current Seikel distributor in South Africa and Kyknet program Safari 4X4 Roetes TV presenter that has a work shop that specialises in Volkswagens Amarok and Kombis ranges and is a distributor of the K9 Rack systems.

Whether you are planning a serious expedition, family trip, an outdoor excursion or just want the vehicle to look the part the K9 rack should be you rack of choice.